About Us

Who are we?

W.A.S.P Site Safety was formed out of years of frustration operating on construction sites.  

Every day, people would show up without the right workwear and missing essential items of safety equipment. 

We realised inconvenience and expense were major barriers to tradespeople sourcing the correct safety workwear. 

Using our decades of experience in construction, property development, and safety equipment, we created a product to solve this problem: the Site Safety Box. 

Why are we here?

We conducted nationally representative market research with over 500 people working in construction. 92% of surveyed construction workers named safety as their most important consideration in 2022. 

Our findings also unveiled a demand for advancements in site safety across the nation, with 89% of construction workers stating that their lives would be made easier if they were able to purchase all their safety equipment in one place.  

This research confirmed our first-hand experience in the field: tradespeople need easy, convenient access to safety workwear.

What is the Site Safety Box?

The Site Safety Box contains the absolute safety essentials every tradesperson should have when visiting a site:  

  • Head protection: our WASP Safety Helmet 
  • Ear protection: our WASP Ear Defenders and Ear Plugs. 
  • Hand protection: our Cut Level D Work Gloves 
  • Eye protection: our Safety Glasses.  
  • High-visibility clothing: our WASP Hi-Vis Vests.  

When you order a Site Safety Box, you know wherever you go, you’ve got the most essential safety workwear at hand. 

Our boxes are designed to be kept. They're made of recyclable corrugated cardboard and feature a QR code that takes you straight to our WebApp, so you can re-order all the items and keep your box stocked up.